The infoBoard WorkingSchedule App digitizes the work of your fitters

The work of your fitters and service technicians becomes more effective and efficient through the central control and consolidation of all relevant data, orders and appointments as well as the associated documents in one place in the WorkingSchedule app.
Attendance and working time recording is also integrated.
Through digitized coordination, the app helps everyone involved: the customer, the fitter, the office and the management.

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Digitization of your business processes

With the establishment of the WorkingSchedule App, you lay the foundation for the digitization of your business processes – this not only makes them leaner and faster, but also opens up enormous growth opportunities.

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In the Cloud

Fast data access and data storage via the Cloud.

Thanks to the data management in the cloud, all project files are available everywhere.
While fitters and service personnel are still with the customer, all subsequent steps can already be initiated in administration.
Thanks to the latest encryption and storage on Microsoft Azure servers, your data is always protected.

infoBoard WorkingSchedule App

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Over 900 customers with 10,000 installations worldwide rely on infoBoard

From small businesses to international corporations.