1) All appointments and information in the app

A scheduler with centralized control for maximum effectiveness

All information about the customer order on site
Possibility to call the contact person directly, send an email and has a route planner
Upload images to the project folder in the Cloud
Add comments to digital delivery notes and have them signed
Record attendance and working hours at the customer
Send live images from an IP camera or drone to the help desk

2) Clear scheduling with infoBoard SE - live overview!

Work steps that have been started are automatically updated on the planning board.
The actual times are visualized immediately, the remaining time is always adjusted.
A digital twin of the productive activities is created.

You can see immediately on the planning board whether the employee is present
No duplication of work, fast information to the control center about the status

3) Map module travel time calculation for service technicians:

Alternative appointment display with exactly calculated travel times from the starting point
Optimal appointments with customers and technicians
Travel time savings for service technicians

4) In the head office: tour optimization with the HERE platform

A separate HERE account is required to use this feature.

Time-saving planning support for appointments in optimal order
Drive to more customers during working hours
Save your nerves, save the environment, save your wallet

5) infoBoard telematics interface

GPS and vehicle data are forwarded from the vehicle via the Wialon platform to the infoBoard telematics interface and displayed on the planning board.

Connection of the plans and automatic update of the times through the feedback of the vehicles in live operation
Motor on / Motor automatically transmits journeys, arrival, start of work and completion notification of the order.
From 11th vehicle on is infoBoard interface only 10.50 per month

6) Possibility to use the Wialon apps with MyCarControl Premium

Fleet management
Compliance with the break times
Everything you need for transparency
Wialon IOS and Android App

7) Everything for the work at the customer's site:

Possibility to call the customer directly from the app on the smartphone and find the address with Maps
Working time recording with start, break and a completion message.
Possibility to have the delivery note signed and making it available in the Cloud
Possibility to upload photos, file management for project folders in the Cloud
The possibility to turn on the helpdesk with an IP camera in the helmet, or to drone flight
The customer order is transparent and the rework, post calculation and invoicing easier

8) Everything that has to do with the technician: personnel registration and time registration

The employee records his presence and breaks and manages his time account
The head office knows whether the employee is present, is taking a break, whether he is productive and when he is ready
Ability to graphically display productive times and evaluate your own performance yourself
With a link to the payroll the technician has access to his payslips
An employee can see everything about their tasks, times and the employment contract information
Ability to view production times and track time

9) In the vacation workflow, employees can request their vacation and the employer can approve it.

Vacation management is integrated.
Vacations can be requested directly.
E-mail notifications are made upon application, approval and rejection.
There is no need for separate vacation planning (e.g. Excel)

10) The entrepreneur app

All figures shown on the mobile device
Sales and costs on a daily, weekly, monthly basis
Workload of the fitters in the chart
Downtime by category

Take your business to the digital age now!

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